An original gift idea: an art-iris photo

Dad is 60 years old. Your favorite cousin is getting married. Christmas is approaching and you are looking for the perfect gift for your niece. This year, be as original as possible by offering them a studio iris photo session. Through the magic of macro photography, iris-art will reveal the cosmic landscapes nestled in their own eyes.

Invisible to the naked eye, singular geometries and brilliant wakes hide in our eyes. Iris photography, combining macro photography technology and meticulous studio lighting work, captures in your iris this abundance of colors and voluptuous curves. Having your own eye photographed, to observe it in all its splendor and from a new angle, is now within everyone’s reach.

Once enlarged and retouched in order to sublimate its natural beauty, the iris photo will be a masterpiece of your decor. It offers an original look at what makes you unique. Each eye is different and tells who you are in a poetic and bewitching way. Iris art offers a new perspective and an eloquent look at what makes you unique.

“Your eye is a work of art “

That’s what you can say to your loved one to whom you will give this special gift for their birthday or the holiday season. The voluptuous and opulent round shape of the iris picture evokes the planets of the solar system and engages the eye in an almost cosmic adventure. Inside, geometries and infinite paths are drawn, like so many mysterious paths to follow. Celestial filaments, abyssal craters or textured dunes populate your eyes and make them unique and unusual.

The eye hides an unexpected beauty that has been untapped for too long. Give your loved ones the chance to discover in them what they have never seen before. An unsuspected piece of intimacy.

A surprising decoration

Giving an iris photograph as a gift also means offering your loved ones an astonishing and innovative decoration solution. Such a work, unique in its kind, is a very unusual way to personalize your space. In addition to reflecting your individuality, its colors and reliefs can match the color of your walls or furniture.

Amplified by the natural light flooding the living room at dusk, the photograph of your iris will take on unexpected contours. It metamorphoses and transforms your decor as the light changes throughout the day.

If the gift was given to each member of the family, the photos can be arranged in a tryptic or a quintych, taking on a larger dimension and inviting a fruitful dialogue between different optical landscapes.

How to proceed

That’s it, you’re convinced: a photo iris will be the perfect gift. How do you go about it? It’s very simple. Contact us to purchase a gift certificate for one or more iris photo sessions. We will then welcome your loved ones in our studio with the precious document received as a gift. After the session, we will produce high quality prints in a short period of time.

To you the most surprising optical landscapes.

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