At Artiris, we offer you a unique chance to get the most personal part of your body photographed. We promise an unusual experience and an amazing result. We provide prints from your irises on three different surfaces

Alu Dibond

For a more solid format and with intermediate pricing. The photos’ printing on dibond aluminum will have, thanks to the fineness of the lacquer, a stunning photographic rendering and incredible color quality. The printed aluminum keeps its quality for decades and remains perfectly rigid, in the most modern and design shape.


Fine ARt

If we can resume the Fine Art quality printing in 3 words: Exceptional quality – Consistent results – Permanent accuracy. 

In other words, the Fine Art printing is the best alternative between the aluminium (Dibon) and the Diasec print.  


Diasec, for the best result

The Diasec guarantees the photo an uneven longevity. The photos will capture the surrounding light and enhance color depth and brilliance. This technology allows your photo to live for decades without moving, even in direct sunlight or under the rain, does not discolor and is UV resistant


Amercian Artbox

For aluminium and Fine Art prints, we offer a very high end type of framing : the American art box.
It is the perfect way to add modernity to your print and sublime your interior. With a depth between the frame and the picture of 5 or 10mm, your picture seems to be floating in the air, therefore standing out and catching the eye. It is available in different colors and materials such as wood, or metal.


Different sizes available on request

Circular printing

Don’t like the square format ? No worries, Artiris also offer you the possibility to cut in circle your iris. How does it works ? Choose the medium between Plexiglass or Aluminium, then our printing partner, The Print Agency take care of the rest. Isn’t it beautiful ? 


Plexi Block

The plexiglass block is the essential frame to display your iris on your desk or your shelf.

The 5 cm thick block allows you to put the frame without fastening. The quality of printing is impressive and gives an effect of engraving in the plexiglass. 

 It exists in 2 different formats.