We create unique art with a photo of your iris

Your eye is the reflection of your soul

This is why Artiris is giving you the opportunity to discover all the nuances and beauty of the curves of your eyes. This is a unique opportunity to surprise your friends and family with an original work of art to display in your home. What if you discovered the story behind the intensity of your eyes?

The technology behind our iris photo concept

Our concept of iris photography and soul-searching is made possible through truly exceptional technology.

It’s a 100% unique and 100% Belgian mechanism developed by us after several months of research and development. It allows you to photograph the iris with precision and perfectly capture the deepest nuances of your eye.

Iris photography: How does it work?

Want to take the plunge and schedule your iris photography?

Make an appointment in just a few clicks using our online calendar. Allow 15 minutes per person in our studio for the iris photography.

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1- Observation and choice of eye to photograph

Using a torch and a magnifying mirror, we observe your eyes in order to select the eye to be photographed, as each eye is different and has its own particularities. You also choose the type of media and the size you want to print your iris photo.

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2- Taking a picture of your iris

Once you have selected which eye you want photographed, you position your head on the chin rest. A side light is then brought in and the eye is focused for a high definition picture of the eye.

3- Choice of rendering

We then look at the rendering of your iris photograph on the computer. Once satisfied with the photo, we rework it in post-production.

1- Post-production

Our team illuminates your eyes to deepen every nuance of your iris. You will receive the file in digital format later that day.

2- Receiving the frame

We deliver your professional high definition print to your home or in-store in 2-4 weeks. It’s a real pleasure to unwrap !

Enhance your interior with some personalised decoration

The result of photographing your iris is amazing. The iris is unique to each person and its singularity makes it a work of art in its own right. Its aesthetic rendering, highlighted through the different printing formats, offers a unique result that will decorate your interior in an original and stylish way. We favour professional quality materials and formats for a high quality effect. Your new work of art will not go unnoticed!

Iris photography: A special gift for a special person

Treat someone to a unique experience and an original work of art that will surprise them. Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding present or a team building event for your employees, Artiris’ mission is to make sure that you experience a magical moment that will last forever.

An original gift idea for couples.