Decorate your interior with art photographs

Want to redecorate? Have you considered the Japanese minimalism, the vestibule lined with exotic plants, the dining room decorated with impressionist paintings? And why not buy art photographs to embellish your favorite rooms? Here are our suggestions.

An art photo can catch the eye by the harmony of its colors and its perfect inscription in your decor. Its azure hues echo the blue of your sofa; its vibrant yellows blend into a bright room furnished with natural wood. Often more than a simple reproduction of reality, artistic photography is a poetic or offbeat representation of it. Or it offers an unusual view of the world, a unique angle of vision that shifts our perspectives and offers a new narrative.

The charms of black and white

In a room painted in white and decorated in a minimalist and uncluttered way, artistic black and white photography will reinforce the impression of peace and calm, in addition to providing an elegant and sophisticated decoration or adding a touch of contrast. On the contrary, in a colored room, the sober black and white images, containing few elements, will give a feeling of balance.

Joys of abstract art

Abstract photography assures you a trendy and design interior. It will harmonize with the most contemporary decors. It allows you to be creative, to play with the lines and curves of your environment, to accentuate or divert them. It is timeless and universal, defying fashions and times.

Chromatic pleasures

Artistic landscape photography is often a guarantee of harmony with your environment. Above your charcoal-colored sofa, you could hang a picture of an urban boulevard dripping with rain in dim night light. Facing your bed draped with a bright red comforter, a photo of an explosive sunset will create an effect of symmetry.

A little bit of you on your walls

There are many ways to use art photography to reflect your personal universe and tell part of your story to those who visit you. Hiring a professional photographer to capture your family in its best light is the most common. You can also find the best artistic photos of your favorite city, the one you visit over and over again and whose architecture will charm you every time. Artistic photos of the landscapes you cherish can also enhance the charm of a room. Sea or mountain: adding a little nature to your decor will ensure you stay Zen at all times.

The iris photo: a truly original idea

To personalize your interior in a very singular way, you could opt for the new trend of photo-iris, or “art-iris”. Thanks to macrophotography, these photos of your own eye, taken in the studio, reveal the grandiose landscapes that cover your iris. It’s all about making your eye a work of art. Or rather to reveal, through the magic of photography and lighting, the grandiose panoramas that your iris contains.

Each iris has a different design and is drawn in multiple variations. The blue eyes contain mysterious filaments, while the brown eyes are lunar and pierced with bewitching cavities. Invisible to the naked eye, these landscapes are spectacularly revealed by the art of the photo iris.

Want to try the experience? Nothing could be simpler. Make an appointment with our photographers. And discover with astonishment the hidden beauty of your iris.

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