Artiris’ mission is to create unique art using your iris. We use pictures of your iris to offer you an extraordinary experience. Decorate your home with the most personal part of your body.

After exploring the world, Charles brought back the idea to magnify human eyes and offer people a way to explore their souls.

Curious by nature, Donald comes into the project quickly. Several months of trials and errors later, they found the right technique to achieve their goals and Artiris is born.

Two different paths that destiny has brought together to develop ARTIRIS.

Who is who ?


the artist adventurer.

Passionate about adventure and strong of his talents as a photographer and video artist, Donald always finds a way to combine these two elements for an incredible rendering.


the curious guy.

Charles comes from an entrepreneur’s family, and has therefore the entrepreneurship in his blood. After studying real estate and marketing, Charles wants to stand on its own feet.